Committee to Protect Journalists condemns attack on Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir


By Ali Imran 


Hamid Mir – GEO TV anchor Photo:Wikipedia


WASHINGTON,  April 19 : Pakistani journalist and a widely known GEO TV anchor Hamid Mir was Saturday attacked in Karachi by unknown assailants.

The latest reports said Mir is now in a stable condition after being wounded with two bullets. TV channel reports said doctors are monitoring Mir who is now out of danger.

Reacting to the attack, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists voiced serious concern over the attack on  Hamid Mir  calling for bringing the perpetrators to justice.

“Full prosecution of the perpetrators of such crimes is the only answer to reversing this history,” Bob Dietz, CPJ’s Asia programme coordinator, said in a statement. “Police must act swiftly and decisively in this and all cases that have been building up for years in Pakistan,” he said. “And the country’s media must use their capabilities to pursue their own investigations, as well as pressure the government to take action,” the independent watchdog said.

Mir is reported to be in serious condition with wounds to his abdomen and pelvis, but is expected to survive, CPJ said.

Mir was on his way to his office in his car when he was attacked by unidentified gunmen near Shahrah-e-Faisal.The attackers were  reportedly riding a car as well as on a motorcycle and followed Mir for quite a long time.

Mir was rushed to a hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and was reported to have been hit with two bullets, one in the hip-joint and another in the abdomen. Mir survived an attempt on his life sometime back when a bomb was planted in his car.

Pakistan’s top leaders including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif i have condemned the attack.

Another Pakistani journalist Raza Rumi was also attacked in an incident in which his driver was killed.



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