Vigil at Washington’s Georgetown University wishes Malala well; backs her cause

By Ali Imran

WASHINGTON,  Oct 25 : Candles were lit in rows at Washington’s Georgetown University as students expressed their solidarity with Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan’s teenaged girls’ rights activist, who is recuperating from a Taliban attack.


The students, hailing from several parts of the world, were one in supporting  Ms Yousafzai as they held vigil on the Copley Lawn of the Campus. They wished Malala a speedy and full recovery and said they have gathered to back her cause for girls’ right to an education.


“What happened to Malala was terrible —- all women of the world must join in her cause, which is noble and great,” said a student, standing beside her picture, with education for all inscribed on it.


A Pakistani student said Wednesday evening’s vigil was expression of support for Malala on part of all students of the world.


The 14-year-old activist was on Taliban’s hit list following her campaign for girls’ right to an education. After getting life-saving initial treatment in Pakistan, she has been flown to the United Kingdom, where she is receiving advanced treatment in a Birmingham hospital and showing hopeful signs of recovery. 


Ms Yousafzai defied Taliban in 2009, when the militants were playing havoc with the lives of local people in Swat and wrote a blog on BBC website. The Taliban have burnt hundreds of girls’ schools in the area and warned Ms Yousafzai against advocating girls’ right to education.


Pakistan has recognized Ms Yousafzai’s work at the young age and the militant attack on her shocked the nation with unprecedented outpouring of support for her and the cause she stands for.


The shooting of Malala Yousafzai also led to a global outcry as government and civil society leaders strongly condemned the attack.

PHOTOS : By MGCT at Georgetown University

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