Pakistani business leader urges expansion of US economic engagement

WASHINGTON, Aug 13 : The United States should expand its economic engagement with Pakistan to help foster prosperity and security in the region, a leading Pakistani industrialist, Javed Elahi, said.

Elahi told a gathering in the Washington area of American and Pakistani notables that the events of the last decade have proved that force cannot resolve problems.

“The people of Pakistan are not against the American people, they only oppose some U.S. policies like the over-reliance on military power,” he said in reference to the Afghan and Iraq wars.

The visiting entrepreneur spoke at an Iftar event, held to celebrate the launch of the book “Will and Skill” by Mowahid Hussain Shah, noted policy analyst, and attorney-at-law admitted to the US Supreme Court.

Javed Elahi argued that in the fast-changing world, it is America’s economic prowess and diplomatic engagement that will define its stature and influence around the globe.

 “If the US invigorates its trade, economic and investment ties with Pakistan, that will certainly strengthen the bilateral ties and it will also help America improve its image,” he noted at the event hosted by senior community activist, Aman Khan, and his family.

During the course of discussion, Javed Elahi warned against the escalating gun-related shooting sprees in America and pressed the need to strengthen gun control laws.  

Author Mowahid Shah, in his remarks, urged the Pakistani-American community to engage in the mainstream American life and empower themselves because vulnerabilities invite mistreatment.  Commenting on recent incidents, he alerted also the American society to the dangers of being imprisoned by fear and hate. 

Mowahid underscored the importance of fair dealing and opined that the existing international tensions can be tackled through mutual awareness and mutual respect.   

Carol Goldstone, a senior American social activist, praised Mowahid Shah’s book, which she said is an essential study, for lay readers and experts alike, in boldly identifying the roots of unrest while practically suggesting a humanitarian way out.

The well-attended event included prominent figures like Gary Black, President of Rotary Club; Chuck and Sue McPherson; Pakistani business leader Siddique Sheikh; and senior counselor Mike Barry.  The evening concluded with the singing of national songs by the artist Assad Kamal, to mark Pakistan’s 65th year of independence.



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