Pakistani-American appointed on George Mason University’s Board of Visitors

WASHINGTON,  July 10 : In a coveted distinction for the diaspora, Siddique Sheikh, a Virginiabased Pakistani-American has been  appointed on George Mason University’s Board of Visitors.

 “This is one of the highest honors a Governor can bestow upon citizens,” Sheikh, a prominent businessman and longtime supporter of educational causes, said.

Governor Bob McDonnell and Siddique Sheikh,

Photo Credit: PABA 

 This appointment – made by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell – were formalized with administration of oath by a judge or the Commonwealth Secretary to members. The board is a corporate body and serves the University with leaders  including rector, vice rector, and secretary.

 According to Sheikh, who is also head of Pakistan-American Business Association (PABA),  as member of the Board, he would be contributing to policy-making  and oversight on running the university.

 “I believe, we should keep fee for students at affordable levels, that is my keen desire,” he

English: Hazel Hall, George Mason University S...

English: Hazel Hall, George Mason University School of Law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sheikh, who is already working on establishing a George Masson University campus in Pakistan, also wants to

to globalize the varsity’s education model, where “innovation is tradition.”

 “If we share models of excellence, I have no doubt, we can grow together.”

Sheikh,  who has been living in the area for more than three decades is also Director of the National Management Corporation and a member on the Board of Northern Virginia Branch Banking in Trust.



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