New PTI Coordinator Imran Butt garners support of Pakistani-Americans

PTI Coordinator Imran Butt

WASHINGTON,  April 29:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the most popular party among overseas Pakistanis and will strive to live up to expectations of its followers once it is voted to power,  Imran Butt, the new PTI Washington D.C. Coordinator said.

 He was addressing a gathering of party workers and political activists living in Washington metro area as a number of Pakistani-Americans joined the party and expressed their support for Imran Butt, a prominent business leader.


“I am thankful to all friends, colleagues and members of the community for reposing confidence in me.“ The PTI , led by Imran Khan, has come to stay as a political force in Pakistan and will dedicate efforts towards socio-economic development of the Pakistani people,” he said at Washington’s Mehran Restaurant. 

Butt asked people to take part in the electoral process since now they are an important voice in the Pakistani political system.


  Mazhar Chughtai addressing PTI gathering

Mazhar Chughtai, a noted Pakistani-Amerian entrepreneur, expressed his full backing for Imran Butt and the PTI movement.

 He urged Pakistani –Americans to contribute to success of the party to devote their time, treasure and talent to see the PTI sweep next general elections.

 Shehab Karni,  a PTI leader from Baltimore and other political activists attended the gathering.

 Sources: MGCT, PTI


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