Upbeat Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf launches membership campaign in Washington

WASHINGTON, March 25 : Coinciding with the PTI’s launch of national membership drive in Pakistan, the party workers in Washington area kicked off a campaign at an event here Sunday.

The event saw lively participation of Pakistani-Americans from all walks of life as they sounded upbeat about the party’s political success. PTI Leaders Ch Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Shahab Qarni, Naeem Butt, Ayaz Jarral, Maria Shah, Waqar Khan and Yaser Buttar attended the event, hosted and organized by businessman and activist Imran Butt.

Shahab Qarni, Resident Director of Global Village Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the guests and emphasized on the importance of the work at the grass roots level in the tri-state area. He declared that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is a movement sweeping across Pakistan and not a typical political party. He encouraged the PTI activists to reach out to the Pakistani diaspora in gretar Baltimore Washington area said the party workers who deliver for the cause would be recognized. 

 Yaser Buttar explained the process for the overseas Pakistanis to vote in the upcoming elections, saying expatriates should get national identification cards for overseas Pakistanis.

Imran Butt thanked all the guests and reiterated his full support for PTI and its leader Imran Khan on behalf of the Pakistani community in Washington D C Area. He stated that Imran Khan offered the only hope for Pakistanis at this critical moment for the country. A cake was cut on this joyous occasion as a good number of people from Washington D.C. area signed up for Paid PTI membership on the spot.

 The Pakistanis living the area can sign up as members of the PTI and get information via Email (ptigbw@gmail.com) and phone (1-877-315-0100). Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is fast emerging as a major Pakistani political party, founded by cricket icon and world cup winner captain Imran Khan, who is also known for establishing Shaukat Khanum hospital that provides treatments to cancer patients in Lahore.

Source: MGCT, PTI Greater Baltimore Washington region (www.facebook.com/ptigbw)


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