Islam in America conference in Virginia on Saturday

WASHINGTON, March 20 : The Commongrounds USA, a Virginia-based think tank working on inter-faith harmony in Islamic Peace Perspectives, will hold a conference on the subject of “Islam In America” in Springfield on Saturday.

Dr Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, head of The Commongrounds USA, said the event is the fourth in a series of discussions his organization has convened to explore various themes with a view to strengthening inter-religious understanding in the multi-cultural American society, which offers opportunity for discusion towards promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence, the Pakistani-American scholar and dialogue expert said.

 The Commongrounds, he said, provides a platform to religious leaders and scholars to have enlightened understanding of contemporary thoughts and issues.

Leaders of all prominent Islamic institutions and centers, religious scholars,  Muslim community activists, academia and representatives of faiths will address the conference. Dr Kazmi said discourse at the event will also help Muslims and followers of other faiths to understand the urgent need for lasting peace harmony in the world.

Source: MGCT, The Commongrounds


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